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Preparing A Game Plan

• Getting Connected:

Networking is the key to successful business connections. CBAL
has spent the past twenty five years building a network of contacts
in Canada and around the world that can assist companies in various
countries. Either directly or through joint associations, CBAL
can introduce country opportunities and specialists.

• Setting A Strategy:

Sometimes it takes an outsider to help a company focus goals
and objectives. CBAL can help a company define a strategy that
highlights competitive advantages and benefits and sets a
course to win acceptance. This could be a business strategy, an
investor relations strategy, a merger and acquisition strategy,
a joint venture strategy a government relations strategy, or a
public relations strategy - in short, a winning campaign strategy.

• Building A Team:

Added resources and expertise may sometimes be required
in pursuing successful opportunities. Company resources may
need to be supplemented, consortium members added, or
specialists engaged to ensure key components are in place.
CBAL uses its network and contacts to help put a team in place.

• Preparing The Paper:

CBAL can help translate a strategy into many different types of
documents - a business plan, a request for proposal, a tender
submission, a financial request or an unsolicited offer.

This time consuming process frees company resources and focuses
the writing and messaging in a consistent package.

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