business funding and investor relations business plan

Executing A Game Plan

• Managing The Process:

CBAL manages the execution of an overall strategy to ensure the
client is not only compliant but is "making the case" when and where
it counts with decision-makers. Making sure nothing gets overlooked;
CBAL ensures the right moves are made in a logical sequence.

• Delivering The Message:

Through public relations, government relations, or investor relations,
one of CBAL's specialties is ensuring the message is delivered.
Translating the message into one common and understood focused
message - for the benefit of both parties in a deal - is the key to
successful pursuits.

Finding The Money:

Often times, outside financing is at the heart of the deal.
CBAL can play a key intermediary role in sourcing the funding.
As go-between for the parties, CBAL can be directly involved
in the negotiation process to ensure the deal comes together.

• Closing The Deal:

Finalizing business opportunities, especially in developing countries,
can be a time consuming and complex process. CBAL works to
ensure that all the details are covered to successfully finalize
the opportunity.

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